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Our guild members will earn DKP for every raid they participate in; here's how it works;

Please Note

We will reserve the right to Loot Council certain items of gear, if we believe it will help the raid progress better if the item is more required on a certain class.

EG: Styleens will be reserved for Warrior Tanks

How to Earn DKP:

  • Showing up to the raid on raid night will earn every member DKP
  • For MC/BWL nights 7 DKP at the start & end of the night
  • For AQ40 nights 11 DKP at the start & end of the night
  • Every hour spent in raid (given out at 9, 10, 11) will earn:
  • 2 DKP in MC/BWL
  • 4 DKP in AQ40
  • The totals for each raid night are:
  • 20 DKP for MC/BWL
  • 34 DKP for AQ40

First Time Boss Kills:
15 AQ40 - also applies to benched players

Note: On nights where we swap from MC to BWL the DKP values will be swapped to the current raid being done. E.G. We finish in MC at 10, get 2 hop into BWL at 11 we get 4. If we overfill reserves also earn DKP, they should follow to the entrance of the raid & camp out, please be avaliable on discord/guildchat on an alt if we need them.

How to it all works:

When using DKP to bid on items we use a silent bidding system, the loot master will /rw each piece individually. Whisper the master looter the amount of DKP you wish to bid on an item (check your guild note for your DKP).

There will be minimum DKP amounts assigned to items:
  • Optional/Sub-optimal Items are Open to Rolls these items CAN be bid on for minimum DKP - if you want to beat the /roll, RL will announce that the item is being bid on to give everyone the opportunity to cast their (silent) bids T1 BOES will be held until the end of the raid, they cost 5DKP
  • MC/ONY Boss drops (5 DKP min T1, 10 DKP min other)
  • BWL Boss drops (10 DKP min T2, 15DKP min other)
  • ZG/AQ20 Loot will be /rolled with the option to bid DKP (same rules as optional/sub-optimal items - bids will be silent)

Patterns will be Loot Council and will NOT cost DKP (see post below)

If an item is worth DKP & going to be disenchanted players without enough are allowed to bid the minimum value of the item and go into negative DKP.

The highest bid wins, if the master looter wishes to bid on an item he will pass master loot to another raid assist. In that case whisper the new Loot Master.


If two people make the same high bid, they will be whispered and offered the chance to roll, or increase their bid. They must whisper the loot master back either "Roll" or a higher amount of DKP.
This means the two bidders can rely on pure RNG or, bid higher than their previous bid, if one chooses to roll and the other chooses to bid higher the loot will go to the high bidder.

Also Note: Some Items reserved for certain classes/specs, when the item reaches the last possible person on reserve, it will be given to that person for 2x minimum bid. This stipulation currently applies to tanks (especially Main/Main OT), depending on the item offspecs will usually also be allowed to bid.

Regarding Mains, Alts & Offspec:

We encourage people to level and bring alts to raid, it helps to improve our composition specific fights, DKP will also be earned on your alt and manually transferred to your main.

You can spend DKP on your alt from the pool you have earned on your main, however raiders on non-alts are preferred.

We consider Main/Mainspec > Alt/Offspec - Alts AND OFFSPECS are considered equal - E.G. an Alt DPS warrior and a MS Holy pally want The Untamed Blade, they are considered equal.

An alt DPS and an MS DPS warrior want Tanking gear eg; Tier Set, they are considered equal as in the above example - it comes down to highest bid
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Also note:

Rare non BoP recipes that drop in guild runs of dungeons will be going to the guild bank Notargetbank so we can decide how best to distribute rare recipes

The current list of rare recipe holders:

Flask of Titans: Dyluck, Santhelora
Flask of Chromatic Resistance: Bokchoy, Santhelora, Vblade
Flask of Distilled Wisdom: Bokchoy, Santhelora, Dyluck
Flask of Supreme Power: Santhelora, Dyluck, Lomo, Julovac

Hide of the Wild (Izuku, Ithillwen)
Chromatic Cloak (Ireneadler)
Onyxia Scale Cloak (Somanan, Izuku)
Lava Belt (Izuku)

Dark Iron Helm (Karack)
Nightfall (Tilas)
Ebon Hand (Sadavelas)
Lionheart Helm (Andas, Bein)
Stronghold Gauntlets (Bein)

Elemental Sharpening Stones (Lorena)

Core Felcloth Bag [Soul Shard Bag] (Vanquished, Souldevour)
Bottomless Bag [18 Slot] (Dellence, Sadavelas)
Gloves of Spell Mastery (Dellence)
Flarecore Wraps (Dellence)

+30 spell power (Dellence, Sandohan)
Dodge - Cloak (Dellence, Zico)

Force Reactive Disk (Bobahunt, Karack)
Hyper Radiant Flame Reflector (Bobahunt)
Bizniks Accurascope (Bobahunt)

Priority will be given to officers/mains/long time members in order to keep the recipes in guild

EG: Hide of the Wild / Belt of Archmage Patterns & Flasks / Potion recipes
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